• Provide your site's details and icons using the form below.
  • We will create one line of JavaScript code customized to your site.
  • Paste it in your own site's HTML <body> code.

That's all! Your site visitors will now be able to pin your site!

Please fix these errors
  • Create a hi-res favicon

    Please input your Site Name and URL. The code created will reference it. Then upload a favicon.

    This will appear on the Windows 7 taskbar
    Users will land on this URL whenever it's pinned. Most people use their home page.
  • Add a Jump List

    Jump List items act as entry points into the website even when the browser is not running. Use these to promote the most common places you want your users to go.

    Task Icon

    Info 16x16 .ico file

    You will need a valid icon (.ico) file of size 16x16 pixels. Launch the X-Icon Editor tool to create your own .ico in seconds.

    Task Label

    Shown on the jumplist. Max 30 characters.

    Task URL

    The URL that opens when users click

    Add a task

    You can add up to 5 tasks

  • Add a Dynamic Jump List and Notifications (optional)

    A Dynamic Jump List changes automatically when you update your site. Notifications let your users know outside the browser.

    To use this feature provide your RSS feed URL. Otherwise skip this step.


    Please make sure you specify a fully qualified URL. You can verify that it works by looking at the Live Preview on the right.

    Heading to be displayed on top of your dynamic links.

    The same icon will be used for each dynamic item.

  • Add pinning discovery (optional)

    IE9 users only are prompted to pin your site by showing them a notification bar on the top of the page.

    They can easily pin your site by dragging an icon from the notification bar to their Windows 7 taskbar.

    Site Name as it should appear on the notification bar

    Live Preview - Notification bar

    Experience as a Pinned Site

    Drag this icon to your taskbar

    or, click here to add this site to your start menu

Live Preview

  • Start InPrivate Browsing
  • Site Name
  • Unpin this program from taskbar
  • Close Window
image description

This is how your site will look like on your visitor's Windows 7 taskbar.

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Copy this code to your clipboard and place it in your site’s HTML code:

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or, download it here: Script (~9KB)Get the Javascript code to host it on your own servers.

How do I install this code?

This code must be placed right before the closing body tag (</body>) on your site’s Home Page or main template.

How to install this code

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