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  • 1 Build your own site tile
    Upload your site's title, logo and select a tile background color.
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  • 2 Add Notifications

    With Windows 8.1, pinned site tiles can notify a user outside Internet Explorer 11 and pull them right back in! If you have a web feed, you can automatically build notifications into your tile. Who said RSS was dead? If you don't have one, skip this step. You can choose to implement custom tile notifications later.

    Make sure your url starts with http://
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  • 3 Get the Code!
    Add these meta tags to the of your HTML page and upload the PNG tile backgrounds to your server.

    Or upload these files to the root of your website and only add the application-name meta tag into the <head> of your html page. The browserconfig.xml contains references to your logo assets and notifications, if present. No additional changes to your webpage required!

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Live Preview

Click on a tile size below and adjust the cropped area on the uploaded image on the left.

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Your site here
Your site here
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